Salt Crust Chicken

原本是说Alex 他喜欢吃鸡,可是鸡料理来来去去就是那几种,
就这晚我突然想起:为何我们常常看人家做salt crust baking,
知道salt crust 的做法会花很多的时间,我事先也有问过Alex 等得及吗?
他想也不想的赞同啦~ 然后当晚咱们俩口儿就浩浩荡荡的煮饭去啦!

然后再一层一层的摆入baking tray 里(如图)。

最后把包菜和leek 叶铺盖在上面封锁整个baking tray。


原本还可以烤更久的,可是九点钟了,肚子饿到不行就为由打开salt crust 开餐咯!

当当~ Salt Crust Chicken
味道如何?味道还真不错,总算及格~ 呵呵!


Sonia said...

Hallo, just back from my Penang trip. It seem Alex not only like duck but he likes chicken too, hahaha. This look great, your are just too creative, how it taste like?

Colin Woon said...

Wow! Self made recipe! Looks really really good! Looks like the works of Iron Chef Mia!

Can you describe the taste a little?

米亚 said...

Hi Sonia and Colin! I thought you been on holiday too (as no new post was uploaded for at least 4-5 days from you) Hehe... how was your penang trip? Did you go with your kids? Yea... he likes poultry a lot so I have to play around with the cooking techniques a lil bit to keep things anew and creative at all time! Haha... I will take that as a compliment Colin *flattered*... The crust could have waited longer before I opened them up as you can see the salt wasn't completely harden yet before I opened it... The taste was awesome to be honest! No joke... cause the flavour was sealed completely inside the stray! But I think I didn't seal one corner properly so some salt ended up sipping into the chicken... so it turned out to be slightly salty... but overall I rate it as 4/5 perhaps???

Colin Woon said...

I was drooling as I was reading your comment. You're good!

米亚 said...

Glad you enjoy it Colin! Thank you very much~ and... Good morning to you too! hehe...

ally said...


Sonia said...

since you give so good mark, 4 out of 5, am thinking to give a try later.

米亚 said...

ally:嗯~ 这种煮法在欧洲中东那里是很著名的,只是我们亚洲这里比较不常见。记得下盐前要把tray 盖紧紧的,不然就会太咸了。

Sonia: It tastes very food to be honest! The only thing is to make sure the tray is sealed properly with layers of large leaves like leek, kelp, banana leave, pandan leave etc before you pour the salt onto it... worth trying... something different!

ally said...



米亚 said...

ally: 不要紧啦~ 这很花时间做的。

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