Cyclop Seafood

跟Alex 一起的日子久了,慢慢地我也忘了怎么煮中菜。
而西菜反而越煮越进步!还是Alex 教导有方啦!我哪有那么棒呢?呵呵!

西菜功夫虽然是多了一点,不过难得这道Cyclop Seafood 能博得Alex 一笑,


这道海鲜用料简单:尖嘴鱼片(whiting fillet)、squid、green prawn、swiss brown mushroom。

1 把虾和冬菇切碎,再用胡椒、盐调味。(材料1)
2 把材料1塞进鱿鱼片里,再慢煎10-15分钟。然后移到烤箱里再烤10分钟左右。
3 另外把鱼片掩好(掩料:盐、黑胡椒、soy sauce、chilli flake 等),然后再把鱼片两面煎熟。
4 另外把剩下的冬菇切成薄片,用些牛油慢火煮热。再来就把超市买回来的“mushroom and white sauce” 添进去,慢火滚热至10分钟。快完成的时候再加入少许dill leaves。
5 把所有煮好的材料慢慢一个一个摆在平碟上,再铺上一粒荷包蛋就形成了这副搞笑的Cyclop Seafood!

通常我煮的时候,Alex 总会跟着一起煮。



Evelyn said...


Evelyn said...


米亚 said...

Evelyn... 谢谢你给我的鼓励。原本这样肉麻的事我应该藏起来就好了,难得你喜欢我们煮的菜我真的感到非常开心。谢谢你哦~

Colin Woon said...

Like Evelyn said, all these wonderful and delicious looking food makes your blog so interesting, add a little bit of romantic love stories and you have a loyal reader like me!!!

The Cyclop Seafood looks so "PRO"! I would have pay top dollar for this dish!

Sonia said...

Never eat Cyclop seafood before, but look at the ingredients, I bet this is a very delicious dish, look really pro and nice. I dont think I can cook this, as some of the ingredients couldn't found it here, too bad..By the way, Alex's simple stir fried bean also look nice, yummy.

米亚 said...

Hi Colin and Sonia... Thank you for dropping messages so often... really appreciate it...! We are not the super pro in making dishes but we certainly have this incredible immense interest in cooking! Alex would be happy to find that people like the way he dishes look like...

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